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PostSubject: -THE RULES-   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:55 pm

These rules will never change and must be followed by all members CORE & INITIATES.

Host/Co-host Duties

1-3 Days Prior to Runtime
1- Make sure that registration forms and party formation threads have been setup and properly account for all members coming to the run.
2- Ensure that we have all parties properly formed. We must ensure we have at least a DK and Bishop for each party. Last minute signups are to be allowed, but please be careful about recruiting people non-Outsiders because they can be hackers or ex-hackers. The host/co-host will take responsibility for that.
4- Make sure to track all people who are looting untradeable skillbooks, Zakum Helms, and who may be purchasing skillbooks, Helms, or Drops.
5- If there are buyers in attendance, make sure that they have been noted and accounted for.
6- Designate either a NightLord or Bishop or Mage as the party leader so that they can get to the Altar as soon as possible to click and form Zakum Expedition Party.
7- Work out with the host(s) of the Zakum group prior to ours for your given run to see if they can either hold the altar for us or ensure we can get into Zakumming as near to our scheduled runtime as possible.
8- Have a CORE member you can trust with drops, loots, etc. in case either yourself and/or your co-host both die. This way, people won't be confused and/or loot out of order when loots drop. Make sure to post this on the thread as who is the trusted member IN CASE Host/Co-host Dies.
9- Above all MAKE SURE YOU CAN STILL HOST! If you cannot, it is your responsibility to find a replacement ASAP!!

Several hours before Runtime
1- Check the registration threads and/or party formation threads to see if anyone has cancelled last minute. If so, try to see what can be done to salvage the run if salvagable. If not salvagable, let others, including Admin know as quickly as possible and what are the reasons (or who).

30min-60min before Runtime
1- Restart your computer to ensure optimal performance.
2- Enter into FM Entrance Channel 3 and wait there. Leave all whispers and chat windows accessible. You may be contacted by a slew of members, potential non-members, other Zakum group hosts, etc. and need to be accessible.
3- Start to check FM7-11 to see if all members are accounted for.
4- Start getting Head priests grouped and ready to be doored to the Zakum Altar.
5- Make sure all people are in their proper parties.
6- Make sure all people have the appropriate pots, etc.
7- Make sure all people have finished the Zakum quests and are able to enter Zakum. This has actually happened several times in the past which has screwed up party formation.

1- Try to get to the Altar as quickly and efficiently as possible.
2- Keep track of time. If we are running on schedule don't worry. Keep everyone as quiet as possible. Keep jumping around to a minimum.
3- Once our designated time hits, and, if we still cannot get in, find out who is in there.
4- If it is the previous Zakum group, contact either their leaders/hosts to find an appropriate explanation.
5- If it is a hacker in there try to take appropriate measures to find out who is responsible and see if we can get them out. Work out with whomever you can to get this issue resolved. Sometimes it can be resolved and sometimes it can't. Don't fret!
6- Give yourself a 45min-1hr timelimit. If they still are not out, then cancel the run. There is no reason to keep others waiting for what might amount to a complete waste of several more hours.
7- Aftwards provide a summary and work with the Zakum group normally aftewards to see if these same people crashed their run as well. Do some investigative work to see if you can resolve this and prevent this from happening at your next hosting session.

Summoning Time
1- Make sure all Members have their apples ready.
2- Make sure all Members have their Pet Autoloot put away.
3- Make sure all Helms can be hidden if possible. This is not a necessity, but simply a request.
4- Make sure all attackers are ready and not AFK before summoning occurs.
5- Make sure everyone has went to the bathroom if needed. We will take no breaks in between Arms and Body.
6- Have at least 1 Eye of Fire available to summon on you. Otherwise have someone else summon.
7- Make sure everyone knows who is hosting and who is not. Furthermore, clarify to everyone that they should NOT loot unless told to do so by Co-host/Host.
8- After summoning, wait 10 sec until attacking. The co-host will assign someone to summon Zakum (if they choose not to do it themselves) and will also either serve as the "countdown person" or assign this duty to someone else.

During Zakum Attacking
1- Just make sure you don't die. If you die, try to ensure you co-host is alive. If not, just let your trusted CORE member know to take care of the drops after your and/or both your co-host's deaths.
2- If you die, wait to get resurrected. Our death I believe takes precedence to any other member simply because we are in charge and need to ensure things run smoothly.

After Zakum Dies
1- Have your paper ready with names. First tell everyone 'DON'T LOOT UNTIL YOU SAY SO.'
2- See what has dropped. Don't loot yourself!
3- Announce anyone who is looting/re-looting Zakum Helm to step forth and claim their helm. INITIATES and BUYERS who are purchasing their helms with mesos must have paid upfront prior to the run.
4- Announce anyone who is looting an untradeable skillbook to step forth and claim their skillbook. During this time, if an INITIATE is going to purchase the skillbook for mesos, collect it from them. Otherwise, CORE Members always have precedence.
5- Pickup all equipment drops and pots before they disappear. Do this BEFORE any annoucement is made. Just make sure to tell people to hug the wall BEFORE you loot all pots and equipment drops. 6- Loot up all masterybooks first. Then afterwards, determine who is to get masterybooks, starting with CORE members first, and then INITIATE members if there are no CORE members who need that masterybook. All masterybooks can be given to particular members outside in El Nath or FM immediately after the Zaum run.
7- If there are less than helm looters than helms, then I will allow the host/co-host to reloot it automatically in the fashion to save time and prevent helms from disappearing. If anyone else needs to be forced to reloot, we will do so by seniority.
8- Return as quickly as possible any collateral to the buyer if there are any.

After the run
1- Post a summary of the results in the Runs section.
2- Post your own results in the thread as well.
3- Tell the appropriate people to keep track of points and buyers, etc.
4- Keep a written list of warnings that were handed out. These will be posted if they are formal warnings to demote or expel a member if needed. Also, any negative points earned during a run precludes a person from earning any meso for that particular run.
5- Deposit all pots with an Admin or group moderator entrusted with merchanting. We will deposit into our main mule account. These pots will serve to help anyone who may need pots should an emergency arise.


Members Duties

1-3 Days Prior to Runtime
1- Register for the run in the appropriate forum.
2- Ensure you have enough pots to Zakum.
3- Ensure that you will be ABLE TO MAKE THE RUN! If you are not, make sure to post a cancellation in the thread.

Several hours before Runtime
1- Ensure that you will be ABLE TO MAKE THE RUN! If you are not, make sure to post a cancellation in the thread.

30min-60min before Runtime
1- Show up and wait in the appropriate FM market on Channel 3.

1- Follow the orders of the co-host/host.
2- Please be patient while we waiting at the Altar to get in.
3- No jumping around and cursing or talking crap. It is up the discretion of the host/co-host to deduct any amount of points they feel necessary for the potential delay/disruption towards the run as a result of this.
4- Please don't go out of your way to talk crap to a hacker. It is the duty of the host/co-host to deal with the hackers once they have exited the altar. You will only delay us getting in if you end up continuing to argue with or belittle the hacker.

Summoning Time
1- Put away your pet auto-loot and pay attention to the host/co-host.
2- Don't attack until 10 sec AFTER Zakum has been summoned.
3- Turn off whispers and buddy chat.

During Zakum Attacking
1- Follow directions!
2- Don't Talk unless you absolutely need to.
3- If you die, request a resurrection. If there are any available AND a host/co-host has not died, you may be resurrected. If you wait and no one is resurrecting you, don't curse. Wait perhaps 2-3 more minutes. If someone comes back and says you cannot be resurrected, politely just leave the screen. Don't stay there and lag everyone else to death.
4- Take a screenshot of your death if possible.

After Zakum Dies
1- DON'T LOOT UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO! Severe penalties will result otherwise which will be enforced IMMEDIATELY.
2- Take a screenshot of your successful run if possible.
3- Move towards the wall and hug the wall. This prevents any accidental looting and makes it clearer when the person who is supposed to loot comes forth to loot.

After the run
1- Post your point total in the appropriate forum.
2- If you have any suggestions or complaints feel free to post there as well.
3- If you are going to flame, DON'T. Just send a PM to a moderator, co-host/host or Admin. If it is something that we can help you with we will. If we can't we'll try to work something out. If you are just talking BS, we'll ignore you.
4- All members who are have the points and are interested in obtaining a masterybook that has just dropped should contact the host/co-host immediately.


1- This only affects people who have formally registered for the run. People who have been recruited to run with Outsiders due to a lack of runners don't need to be concerned about this.
2- This will only apply to members who have registered but have not posted a cancellation explanation in the appropriate forum prior to the run.
3- The penalty is an automatic -14 ponts to your point total. This is so that you can continue to run with us, but realize that it will take 1 full run to makeup what you have lost.
4- You will be given three chances. If you cancel three times without a sufficient explanation you will be EXPELLED. NO QUESTIONS ASKED OR NEEDED.
5- One-off approvals for non-notification can be given provided an adequate reason is given. It must be SENT VIA PM. This will be reviewed by the Admin. If it is deemed adequate you will not be charged one of your three chances.



Positive Points
+2 Helping to kill 4 right arms.
+2 Helping to kill 4 left arms.
+3 Helping to kill Body (1).
+3 Helping to kill Body (2).
+3 Helping to kill Body (3).
+1 Being alive/surviving at the end of run
Maximum total points achievable for a run +14

Earning MORE Positive Points
+1 for non-refundable Onyx Apple donation
+1 per 1mil mesos donation (the amount per point is subject to change by administration at anytime)

Negative Points
-5 Not showing up despite registered as runner in a run.
-5 Not obeying run hosts. This includes looting a helm before they say so, but not-out-of-order.
**note: this actually can be increased pretty significantly depending on what action was done**
-15 Looting drops other than zhelms but returned ASAP.
**Looting Helm OR Skillbook/Masterybook out of order** Read
-80 points for Looting Helm or Masterybooks out-of-order


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