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 Forced Reloots

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PostSubject: Forced Reloots   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:56 pm

Forced Reloot
Whenever everyone in a particular run has a helm and does not particularly need to reloot AND we don't have buyers but we have enough helms. However, if no one reloots then the helm will simply go to waste.

I believe in this situation if you are forced to reloot, then you should not be required to deduct points simply because the situation is beyond your control. However, there will be an 'X' marked next to your name in the Points spreadsheet to designate the run and date you relooted. This way we can prevent people who have already relooted (forced or not) from subsequently relooting extremely quickly. I don't want people simply thinking they can go out and risk scrolling their helms with impunity (ie. Dark scrolls) only to come back and continuously reloot.

Maximum Forced Reloots
Obviously there is none. However, I seriously doubt any one person will be "forced" to reloot more than 1-2 times. The only time I can see multiple reloots is if the member requests to reloot.
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Forced Reloots
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