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Dance with Zakum

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PostSubject: starsx   Wed May 21, 2008 2:43 pm

Real Name (First name only): Esther
Age (If you want to): 15
Gender (If you want to): female o.0
Character IGN: starsx

Other miscellaneous information:
i started off back in 6th grade cause i saw my friend playing and my brother started playing and then i thought why not. i was like 4x back in beta and that was considered to be kinda good x.x; but anyways. started playing bera ever sicne it came out.. quit for a 1 yr and a half. im finally bishop after ~3 yrs o.o;

im your typical asian, sucks in english, science and math is my better subjects... glasses.. blahblahblah... i guess im tall for my age? o.o; i use to do taekwondo.. but im on a break atm. I also like to play basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Im a freshmen in highschool atm.

anyways, hopefully soon enough my boyfriend (eric, no touchy ;P) will join outsiders (hes a ranger atm :O) and also his friend whose a dk =]
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