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 Leviathan R> for Zakum

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PostSubject: Leviathan R> for Zakum   Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:16 pm

Hi! i know this isnt the right section but i dont think there is a proper one for doing this.
My group (Leviathan) is now recruiting 115+ people for zakum. The runs are on tuesday at 7pm Est and on saturday at 6pm Est. If anyone is interested, either reply this or contact me in game. thx

p.s. i know that the saturday run will interfere with outsiders, although they arent at the same time. For this, i must appologize for only being able to run once on outsiders (since im the leader of leviathan) and i must say to everyone not to ditch outsiders. thx
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Leviathan R> for Zakum
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