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 Zakum Helms

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PostSubject: Zakum Helms   Sat Apr 26, 2008 2:46 pm

This is currently the #1 Drop in MS today!

Zakum Helm

Default Stats
+15 Str
+15 Dex
+15 Int
+15 Luk
+20 Acc
+20 Avoid
150 Wdef
150 Mdef
10 Slots

Level Requirements: 50
Required Stats to wear: None
Job: Common


Zakum Helm and Members
-All CORE Members will be allowed to loot or reloot Zakum Helms with priority by tradining in a set amount of points. The current points needed is 45.
-For more information on FORCED reloots please see the following link:
-Zakum Helms will be given out based on whomever has the highest point total. Then followed by the next highest total, etc.
-All INITIATE Members will be allowed to purchase a Zakum Helm after all CORE Members have looted or re-looted. The set purchase price is 40mil. An alternate method would be by obtaining 85 points and then trading them in.

Zakum Helm and Non-Members
-Secondary looters will be permitted. However, please see the following link for specific details.

Zakum Helm and Buyers
-Only once we have met the initial requirement of having all of our members (CORE and INITIATE) obtain helms will we consider selling helms.
-Helms will be sold at the going rate of 50mil. This going rate is based on what other Zakum groups are selling it. Currently El Zakum has lowered their price to 45mil. We may do so in the future just to keep up, but until it is needed, 50mil is fine.
-We will require a deposit of 100mil mesos up OR an equivalent amount from equipments from any potential buyer up front to prevent fraud (aka looting items they should not be OR looting untradeable skillbooks OR too many Zakum Helms).
-An alternative method would be to allow one of the Admin to play on the buyer's account. In that way nothing has to be given to us in advance since we will assure no extra drops will be taken. A snapshot before AND after the successful Zakum run will be captured to ensure nothing has been taken from the character. The equipments and mesos beforehand will be CONFIRMED by the buyer and a witness will be there to confirm this as well. It will then be screenshot and posted on our Buyer's website to ensure further safety of both the buyer and our group.
-IF a member or admin has to play the buyer's character during the run, then IF the buyer's character survives, the member or admin who is playing on that account should be compensated as if they were an actual member of the run since effectively they are being compensated for their time.
-A final method would be to simply have the buyer empty out their characters except for whatever pots they need and very basic equipments and maybe a simple weapon to keep them alive. For example all mesos, equipments, etc. should be moved onto another separate account altogether.
-A separate buyer's only website to maintain and track a buyer's needs has been made and only Admin and moderators will be allowed access onto that website.
-One party will be dedicated to the survival of the buyers. This will include 2 DKs and 2 Priests/Bishops.
-The maximum amount of buyers we will have at any given run is 2.
-If a buyer lags out and dies or disconnects, he/she will be given unlimited tries at no further cost in order to loot their helm.
-We will attempt to secure them HP gear (depending on class) to further ensure their survival.
-All buyers will be screened to ensure they are not hackers and/or ex-hackers. Furthermore, we will attempt to find out their past or primary character if this is not their main. If that is found to be an ex-hacker or hacker character, they will not be allowed to run with us.
-Refunds: If anyone were to ask for a refund, The refund is exactly how much we were received after tax. so if the payment was 49,999,999 and after tax was 49,000,000. the refund would be 49,000,000 back.

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Zakum Helms
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