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 Help here!

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PostSubject: Help here!   Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:11 pm

This Forum serves two purposes:

1) To help The Outsider merchant who is in charge of selling our drops (ME)!
2) To help any other Outsider sell their drops.

To Help The Outsiders Out

1- If you have an FM spot between 1-14 in Channel 1 OR FM spot between 1-3 in Channel 2 please let me know as I will be interested.
2- This is only out of your generosity. I'm not going to purchase your spot. You should do this solely if you can afford to. Otherwise, if you can't perhaps hold off on offering up your FM spot.
3- Be aware I only purchase Mushroom shops. Therefore, it cannot be placed in certain spots.
4- If you have any good pointers for me to sell faster, I will be more than willing to listen.

To Help others out

1- Post your FM spot that you desire to share or sell to others.
2- Do not SCAM them. If you do and it is posted here, a warning depending on how much you scammed them for will be posted here. It can be up to and including expulsion.
3- Post any pointers or tips here Smile

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Help here!
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