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 Our Mandate

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PostSubject: Our Mandate   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:20 pm

Our goal is to enable players from all walks of life in Bera server achieve the distinction of having earned a Zakum Helm!

Reasons for Initial Dissatisfaction w/ Zakum Groups
1- One could only get into a Zakum group if they knew someone.
2- Payment for a Zakum Helm was the only other alternative.
3- Most Zakum groups held a very elitist attitude.

What The Outsiders Brought
1- A new group with a new vision.
2- Pride in the fact that you are helping give back to the MS community.
3- Unique ideas from the working environment that I intend on using to separate us from the prototypical Zakum group.

Explanation of The Outsiders

The original point of this group did not revolve around being a non-for-profit group, rather it was to impress upom the MS population of the importance of earning their own Zakum helmets. The people who have joined this group in the past did not join to get free helmets, but rather that they did not believe in the idea of selling helms.

However, if the sales from equipment drops and masterybooks alone cannot fund our runs or make a profit, then we will start offer to helms to the general public on a limited basis. This will stop once we are able to again supplement our bank and profit from equipment drops and masterybooks alone.
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Our Mandate
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