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 Pheonixclaws ( Global Admin )

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PostSubject: Pheonixclaws ( Global Admin )   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:41 pm

Real Life Name: Eric
Age: 18
IGN: Pheonixclaws
Character Type: Ice/Light ArchMage

Misc Info
1. I CANT spell to save my LIFE. - spelling ... Ive NEVER passed the first round for spelling bees in my entire life. even now as im typing this out Spell check is my best friend.
2. I have the WORST grammar, and you'll find that out as you continue reading about me.
3. Im just a VERY VERY stereotypical ASIAN boy. im great in math, everything else -drops-.

Well, I live in New York City and i'm a senior in high school at of now. College is right around the corner but ill still be here to help out, lead and run against zakum. I first found out about the game about...3 years ago when my friend started in beta. At first all i saw was a little guy walking around and wacking snails. But thats about all i see, nothing interesting and back then i was playing Runescape, gave that up when i started getting into Maple.

The thing was i didn't really play Maple when i saw them play, and i didn't really start until 6 ~ 7 months later when about 2 or 3 months after Bera came out. Played for a little while and got up a few levels. The "friends" i had didn't really help me, so i pulled myself up from being a little noob to what my mage is today. Since my internet was Aol back then Runescape was laggy for me, and for those who knows what runescape is. you're probably laughing OMG WOW THAT BAD GRAPHICS GAME LAGS YOU??

but since then ive upgraded to roadrunner and a brandnew computer. Over the time i spent in MapleStory I've been forced to stop playing more than a few times, each time for about 2 ~ 3 months because of internet or computer problems. As I was lvling higher and higher I've realized that I want a zakum helmet but not just that I want to fight the boss himself and enjoy it. afterall THIS IS A GAME.

and there has to be a boss somewhere. Well zakum is that boss for me. I joined Outsiders around July of 2007. When I was level 113 (yes i level slow, only 125 now) and since then i've been zakumming here and there. And now to take over the group.. To tell the truth I may have LOTS of ideas to continue and help the group, but at the same time i feel scared, am i truly capable of continuing this group?

Will I mess up? Will i disappoint my fellow zakumers and friends? But these thoughts pushed behind, not looking back. I've decided to give it my 200% maybe more if have to, to continue this group as the way it's been, to the best of my abilities. and hopefully, with everyone's help here and there, hopefully not disappointing my friends and co-runners, i can keep this wonder group alive.

Hi guys and welcome back
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PostSubject: Re: Pheonixclaws ( Global Admin )   Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:23 am

You're not THAT stereotypical. You have a white girlfriend. <3
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Pheonixclaws ( Global Admin )
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