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 [Bera] RoyalKnights Recruiting!

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PostSubject: [Bera] RoyalKnights Recruiting!   Thu May 01, 2008 11:55 pm

- This guild is only in BERA. We are pretty active, somewhat in mid and high level members. Most of our members are in the USA/Canada because its much easier for everyone to train together or get everyone together for special events. But we do accept Foreign maplers so All is welcome!! We’re always looking for members so come join~

- Level 45+ , There will be some exceptions but don’t count on it. We require more high level members for typical things we do. ZPQ, training or events.
- Age n/a , We don’t really care how old or how young anyone is just be well manner, mature, and respect everyone.
- Legitimacy , NO HACKING what so EVER! We do not accept hackers or ex hackers. We do not allow Scamming of any type.
- Active , Have to be some what active. We do understand you’ll have to work/school/go out/

- Respect All Members and other members opinion, Everyone plays MapleStory differently therefore name calling or putting a person down will not be allowed. Try to help others and not be immature about it.
- Begging will not be allow, Begging make others feel annoyed and make you less friendly to hang around.
- We Do Not support hacking or any type of hacks that modify MapleStory and anything that breaks Nexon Terms of Service.
- Please try to keep the racist/sexual/swearing at a minimum please. We do understand if you have a bad day you need to release some anger but its not necessary to release it on others or for us to see.
- Please Do Not use pet commands in guild chat. It becomes annoying when someone spams pet commands over and over. Also Spam will not be allowed either.
- We Do Not support Guild hopping. Of course if you don’t like our guild your welcome to leave but please tell us in advance. We want loyalty and people we can depend.
- Be Friendly and have a good time, its just a game after all.

By joining our guild you’ll receive many benefits to come such as:
- Help in Training, Questing, or discussion of certain things.
- We do Zakum PQ (level 1) Guild PQ and some random stuff almost every weekend.
- We have a Website / Forum
- Fun, we’ll try to make things as fun as possible.

After reading this and if your still interested please apply here and we’ll try to find you ASAP for an interview.

Pervious Guild:
Why you would like to join:

If you have any Questions please contract these people in game or contact me in any way you want.
NinjaBrigade - Leader
MagicBrigade - Co Leader
ShuMuMu - Co Leader
Willuphystme - Co Leader
35853 - Co Leader
DoubleU - Co Leader
TheBressman - Co Leader
ChronoKiento - Co Leader
FlNAISTORY - Co Leader

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PostSubject: Re: [Bera] RoyalKnights Recruiting!   Fri May 02, 2008 4:04 pm

that's a really nice banner. xD

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[Bera] RoyalKnights Recruiting!
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