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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:54 pm

These are rules to be followed explicitly by all members in Forum.

Founder Duties
1- I am required to be active once a week. This is mainly to prevent me from disappearing due to life's niceties. I have to guarantee to all members that I will do my utmost not to completely quit on the group due to my own situations. It was indeed my fault for not having a transition ready when I had to go last time.
2- All Admin Duties except #1 is replaced by #1 above.
3- Have to deal with final decisions with regards to expulsions and moving members from INITIATE to CORE.
4- Have to deal with any immediate and major issues directly and quickly. If not, must let other admin know to fix immediately.


Admin Duties
1- Also required to be active at least several times a week.
2- Expected to post in the Admin's Only and/or Staff Only forums if needed.
3- Should respond to PM's whether it be by members or other Executive members (Mods and Hosts/co-hosts) within a reasonably time period. 1-3 days should be sufficient to cover this.
4- Ability to pick CORE members who they feel can be an effective moderator or host/co-host.
5- Meet with Moderators/Co-hosts on a weekly basis to discuss various topics. We intend to start this the week of February 18th and meet on say a Saturday night or Sunday mid-afternoon EST. We have to take a vote as to what is a time that works for everyone.
6- Try to get to know the members well.
7- And no flaming! I'll warn you guys because we are the reflection of the group. We have ultimate authority to ban, expel, etc. Flaming is not necessary and only causes unnecessary drama.


Moderator Duties
1- Since you are getting a cut of all runs regardless of attending or not, I expect full participation in moderator duties. What I mean is that all moderators who are active in the forum and make useful contributions deserve, and will get, a meso cut on all current and future Zakum runs by The Outsiders. If you are found not to be participating either in a positive way or enough, you will be pulled from moderator duties after three warnings. A vote of confidence will be held by Admin on a monthly basis on all moderators.
2- I expect some good ideas, suggestions, etc. to come from you guys if at all possible when we hold our weekly discussions.
3- No flaming members! You will be warned on this. I know it's tempting.
4- No causing or starting drama threads. You will be warned on this.
5- Please PRUNE the forums you are in charge of. Last thing we need is 100 threads all dealing with almost the same issue. I won't have the time to do this so I expect you guys to help out a lot on this.
6- Be social with the members. You are also people they look up to, regardless if you host/co-host runs much.


Members Duties
1- Please NO Flaming. If one of us finds any flaming posts with little or no value, it will be immediately deleted and you will be warned.
2- If you are to complain, you must offer some sort of sort of REALISTIC and VIABLE solution. Complaints with no solution offered, or contradictory ramblings will be deleted. They are treated the same as flaming.
3- No non-Outsider ZAKUM group recruiting threads. If I find this the thread will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Regular guild recruitment threads are allowed provided they are not guilds that Zakum (ie. Guildless, etc.).
4- No excessive cursing. It's ok to vent once in a while, but I've made some attempt to limit the amount of cursing available by activiting the word censor. If you continually curse you will be warned.
5- No causing or starting drama threads. You will be warned on this.
6- Be courteous to Admin, moderators, and other members. 'Do onto others as you would like done onto you'. Live by that credo as it'll serve you well.


Forum Warning System
100 points = Temp banning from website for 1 week.
3 temp bans = Temp banning from website for 1 month.
6 temp bans = Expulsion from The Outsiders

Global Admins
Not responding to PMs in an orderly fashion 3 day max - 5 points
Not contributing WHATSOEVER for > 1month (no reason given) - 50 points
Not contributing WHATSOEVER for > 2month (no reason given) - 75 points
Not contributing WHATSOEVER for > 3month (no reason given) - 100 points
No cuts of money if you are found to be inactive.

Having nothing to add whatsoever on any weekly discussions > 1 month - 10 points
Not keeping the particular forum you are in charge of cleaned up for more than 3 months - 10 points
No cuts on any runs during the time you are found to be inactive.

All Admin/Moderators/Members
Hacking website or deleting portions of the forum - Immediate Expulsion!
Talking poorly regarding The Outsiders behind our backs - 1 Temp Ban immediately
Posting a non-Outsider recruitment thread - 1 Temp Ban immediately
Advertising non-MS related stuff (ie. Multi-level marketing crap) - 50 points
Casuing or promoting excessive drama - 10 points
Flaming - 5 points
Complaints w/o Solutions - 5 points
Excessive cursing - 2 points
Excessive spamming - 2 points


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Forum Rules
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